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"People don't come into therapy to change their past, but their future."

Milton Erickson

"I should have done it years ago. It's amazing I didn't even want cigarettes anymore."

Matt Damon

We are not just an ordinary Hypnotherapy Place, We are a one-stop solution to create a better you!

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Francis Christiawan, ST, CHt (IACT-USA), CI
Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer
Ir. Arief Nuryanto, CHt (IACT-USA), CI
Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer
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Hypno Slimming

Reach your ideal body shape by re-programming your sub-conscious mind. No medicine, no herbs, no hunger, no restrictions. All you need is a strong will to reach your goal!

Self Confidence

Boost your self confidence, master the audience, make a good relationship, be a public speaker, eliminate your shyness and get as many friends as you can!! You must master yourself before mastering others.

Trauma & Phobia

Conquer your fear and move on. Everything you fear about is neutral. The perception of your mind gives a meaning to those things. Re-program your mind and you will be awarded with Freedom!

Anxiety Disorder

Feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one's daily activities. Examples of anxiety disorders include panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. So, you definitely need help. Reprogramming your mind can be an option for you. Act NOW!

Addictive Disorder

The term addiction does not only refer to dependence on substances such as smoking or drugs. Some addictions also involve an inability to stop partaking in activities such as gambling, eating, or working. You think you can not overpower your bad-habit, your addiction? With a strong will, you shall experience a better version of you!


Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. This can become a serious problem if it does not treated properly. So, be aware and get help NOW!
Richard Bandler

The easier you can make it inside your head, the easier it will make things outside your head.

Why people trust us

Reasons to trust us

We are a group of professional and experienced hypnotherapist and trainers offering private Hypnotherapy and Training. We offer the most effective, tailor made approaches for your difficulties.

We help people, we train people

We do what we do best, helping and healing people, training on neuro-science and hypnosis subject.

Discreet & Proper

We want to help people, and keep the trust. Thus we take care of our clients discreetly, and properly as it is established in the PKHI code of conduct.

Certified Therapists

Our therapists have been registered and certified, nationally (IHC-license) and Internationally (IACT-USA). We strive to keep our quality in accordance with those standards.

Flexible Venue

You can choose the therapy venue anywhere you want according to your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Question

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we all experience at various times and in various depths throughout the day. The experience of hypnosis has been described in many ways but is often explained as a streamlined state of focused attention. Many people describe hypnosis as feeling similar to daydreaming, when they are neither fully alert, nor asleep. Everyone’s experiences and therefore descriptions of hypnosis will vary because all trance states feel different to different people. Hypnosis is usually associated with a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation and this can be part of the therapy.

The Hypnotherapist will use a combination of hypnosis and talking therapy to bring about changes in the client’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours at a deeper than conscious level; the subconscious level, where we automatically respond. The beliefs we all hold about ourselves (positive or negative) are stored within our subconscious mind, as are many of our behaviours, patterns and habits. These behaviours can be protective and useful, but where they are unhelpful, a client might want to work with a hypnotherapist because they want to change their deep-rooted, automatic responses and cannot access these alone.

During hypnosis insight can be gained through a new perspective and adjustments can be made to limiting beliefs that have influenced or directed the client’s life, sometimes resulting in radical change or gentle differences that increase positively over time.

Therapeutic techniques applied during hypnosis are usually quicker than the traditional forms of psychotherapy or counselling due to accessing the subconscious, consequently hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly popular.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind similar to daydreaming. People are often surprised that they can hear what is being said and can move or speak if they want to. Everybody’s experience of it is different and how an individual feels may vary each time they go into hypnosis. Some people describe hearing every word the therapist says, while others find their mind wanders; many people lose track of time when they are in hypnosis. How aware or unaware you are during the process is unimportant and does not affect the efficacy of the session. Most people describe being very relaxed during and after the session and more enjoyable than they expected.

No. Hypnosis is a streamlined state of focused attention, similar to when you are absorbed in a book, a film a sport or a craft. You have the ability to emerge from hypnosis at any time if you wish. Your hypnotherapist could be described as a guide taking you on a journey; they are the facilitator but any change can only be made by you. Realizing that you are in control and can make changes yourself can be very empowering.

The more often you choose to go into hypnosis the easier it is to relax into the process, secure in the knowledge that you remain in control and can end a session of hypnosis at any point should you wish to.

First, hypnosis teaches you skills to become aware of your body’s physical response to stimuli, so you can handle it. In a way, it is similar to biofeedback.

Second, hypnosis is a pathway to learning. Our subconscious mind has probably learned many negative behaviors over the years that can be re-learned during hypnosis. For example, after 20 years of smoking you have essentially trained yourself to light up after each meal. Or, when eating dinner out, you have been trained to eat all of your food, even though the portions are double the dietary guidelines. These destructive learning patterns can be relearned (healthy retraining of the subconscious) in the process of hypnosis.

Third, our hypnosis programs create accountability and help you to attain goals and feel supported in your decisions for change. Our well-qualified team is skilled therapists, and certified  hypnotherapists.

There are many other reasons hypnosis is so effective, and you will find your sessions teach you new skills to unlock new ways to live life.

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Behavioural problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Fears and phobias
  • Unwanted habit
  • Panic attacks
  • Poor sleep
  • Lack of confidence
  • Performance anxiety
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Trauma and complex trauma
  • Relationship problems
  • Weight loss

As hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy it is generally not advised for:

  • Epilepsy
  • Psychosis (e.g. schizophrenia)
  • Psychiatric Disorders

The therapist will ask what has brought you to therapy and what you would like to see or feel at the end of your sessions. They will explain what hypnotherapy is, their method of working and what you can expect from the sessions. After the consultation the therapist will guide you into hypnosis using the method which they believe is most appropriate for you. After a session you may feel uplifted, lighter and most likely, very relaxed. As your hypnotherapist will be working with your subconscious mind, change is often very subtle, so you may just notice a very positive shift in how you are feeling.

Although a very small percentage of people report feeling ‘groggy’ after a session (sometimes referred to as a “hypnotic hangover”), the majority of people report feeling invigorated, energetic, relaxed and happy.

If you are being treated with psychotropic medications or have certain psychiatric diagnoses, you will want to share this with your hypnotherapist, but hypnosis in generally viewed as a safe process with no side effects.

Hypnostica Hypnotherapy will release no information about our clients or their sessions to anyone without the client’s express written permission. We treat your information just as any doctors would – with strict confidentiality.

Hypnosis is a totally natural state; it is safe, effective and has no side effects.

We have a natural ability to use our mind to create healthy bodies and make healthy decisions.

I can think of no religion that does not want us to use natural, safe, and effective methods of problem resolution to make our lives better.

It is important to realize that all “trance” phenomena or characteristics of hypnosis occur all the time. In ordinary life, we use the creative part of the mind, we accomplish tasks by utilizing the subconscious learnings of our mind, and we experience states of relaxation. In clinical hypnosis, we are simply using the ordinary mental processes of the subconscious mind in a systemic way to solve problems that are destructive in life.

Perhaps the confusion on this issue comes because some religious groups use trance for meditation or attaining “spiritual enlightenment,” but because a religious application of the methods of hypnosis can be utilized, does not make hypnosis a religious act.

Some people, who do not truly understand the nature of clinical hypnosis, are opposed to “opening the mind” or “turning the mind” over to outside forces. In hypnosis you are always fully aware, and never are you “‘controlled” by another. These beliefs come from a misunderstanding of what hypnosis is, probably based on Hollywood myths.

We do not offer things that is forbidden by religions, instead, we do provide structured direct suggestion and the tools necessary to live life to its fullest.

We simply use the natural functions of concentration, relaxation, and the natural abilities of our subconscious mind to resolve difficulties that have caused us problems in life. This is something any healthy religion would actually encourage people to do.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is simply a therapy using hypnosis as a tool to create a better, healthier version of a human mind. Everyday, we, as human being

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