What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is simply a therapy using hypnosis as a tool to create a better, healthier version of a human mind. Everyday, we, as human being deal with a lot of influences which we call Environmental Hypnosis which form a new paradigm or a new point of view inside our mind. These Environmental Hypnosis influences us as a new knowledge which can become a new problem or a new understanding on something we previously knew in different way.

Every day, you are being hypnotized throughout your life by many information sources from your environments, even though you are not aware that you are being hypnotized. Thus, you create many perceptions and many assumptions inside your head, later on potentially become a belief.

As we know, we have our 12% of conscious mind, and 88% of our sub-conscious mind.

In many cases, a lot of people experience something in their life that is traumatic. It forms a bad memory inside the subconscious mind, and often become a life burden. For example: trauma or phobia, addiction, stress, and bad habits including eating habits.

Hypnotherapy is a therapy method intended to help people heal from those “wounds”. It enables people to access their sub-conscious mind and heal the wounds from the inside.

As it is stated HERE, Hypnotherapy is also being used by medical doctors to treat patients.

To undergo hypnotherapy, there is only one rule applied: You must be 100% sure that you want to be healed, and 100% sure that you are going to be healed.